ViVid 48 is floating your way~

vivid48_previewWe’re starting up Volume 10 with this chapter. That means a new glorious full color spread along with shameless fan service in the chapter page… in full color! The plot thickens, the girls bond, a new challenger arrives, shipping goggles are recommended for maximum squee. So at long last, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the new happenings in…

Nanoha ViVid chapter 48

Translator: Kinsei
Raw Scanner: N3tt
Raw Cleaner: Crazy hat
Proof-Readers: Kira Wing, Cthulhudpc
Editor: Setsuna F. Seiei
Project Leader: PrimeSonic

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Did someone place an order of adorable Hayate?

Malc-KnittedLink-previewA loving family that holds you close like a pair of warm mittens; It’s a beautiful thing.
The new installment of Nanoha Movie a la Carte is here today with just such an adorable little moment. It is my pleasure to bring to you all Knitted Link. Special thanks to Tori once again for making this extra project possible.

Translator: Kinsei
Raws: N3tt
Cleaner/Editor: Tori Karaage
Proofreaders: Kira Wing, Cthulhudpc
Project Leader: PrimeSonic

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Hayate takes center stage in the Anthology

NA - Never Give Up - previewSheesh, I would never want to get on Hayate’s bad side. Also, you might want to hold off on the Nattõ if she’s joining you for lunch. But that aside, have yourself a good laugh at the forwards’ expense in Never Give Up.



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De ja vu or more Nanoha Anthology? (fixed)

NA - Midoriya - preview

Nanoha takes Vivio back to Earth to visit her family.  Shirou is freaking out. Momoko teases him to high heaven. Feito-mama makes her appearance and Divine Busters are shot faster than you can blink. Why does this seem so familiar? We’ve seen this before…. but not like this. Many thanks to the beautiful work of our anonymous collaborator.

It’s second story from the Nanoha Comic Anthology

Midoriya Rhapsody

Download it right here. (Fixed)

NA - Midoriya - 8

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The Return of the Nanoha Comic Anthology (fixed)

Thanks to the help of an anonymous collaborator, the Nanoha Comic Anthology is go! For those of you unsure of what’s in store with these, think of them as what Comic A La Carte was. That should give you a good idea of what to expect.

NA - Dancing Orange -preview

Kicking off the collection we have Dancing Orange, a bit full of warmth and comedy set in the Nanoha StrikerS era. Teana is out to prove her strength to Nanoha and everyone in Section Six is taking bets. This can’t end well. -_-;

Get your download right here. (Fixed)

NA - Dancing Orange - 04

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Return to the Zero Gravity Library – ViVid 47

Vivid047_previewSuch golden opportunities for fun times when you’re floating around an infinitely large library in zero-G. Good times. The new found bonds develop as they investigation begins to find out what happened to the ancestors of our little heroines.

Nanoha ViVid chapter 47 is ready

Translation: Kinsei
Raw Scanning: Satsuki
Raw Cleaning: Crazy Hat
Proof-reading: KiraWing, cthulhudpc
Type-setting: Setsuna F. Seiei
Project Lead: PrimeSonic

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Spending Time with the Yagami Family – Movie A La Carte 6

Malc-Family-previewYou just can’t sneak up on Vita like that. But more importantly, Hayate needs her family now more than ever. In this cute and comedic short, the Wolkenritter must help Hayate accept that it is now time to bring a new member into their family.

Nanoha The Movie A La Carte 6

Download can be found here.

Translator: Kinsei
Raws: N3TT
Cleaner: Crazy Hat
Proofreaders: Kira Wing, cthulhupdc
Editor: Setsuna F. Seiei
Project Lead: PrimeSonic

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Another addition to the classics – StrikerS The Comics

And to followup on the last classic comic, today we bring back the work that followed it

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS The Comics
MSLNS_01previewMSLNS_04preview  MSLNS_15preview

Get the full 15 chapter pack here. Credit for the first three chapters, “A’s to StrikerS”, goes to the I-Jin scanlation team. The rest was released anonymously shortly after. Whoever the silent contributors were, we salute you.

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A Blast From the Past! Re-Releasing an A’s classic!

Let me take you back. Way back. All the way back to late 2006. Nanoha A’s finished airing not too long ago and the first of the Nanoha manga were finally out. With theses chapters along with the drama CDs, the gaps and blanks left by the anime were finally being filled. Little did we know that these first bits of the expanded universe were just a stepping stone into a franchise that is now almost ten years old and still going strong.
Today we pay tribute to these first pages with a special release of….

MSLNAtc_previewMahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s The Comics

Get them here, in all their original glory. And with this we open up a new page in the download archives. That’s right. We got in touch with the original team, I-Jin and asked about promoting their work and hosting it along side our growing list of Nanoha manga downloads. We got the okay and just you wait. This is only the beginning.

If you’re new to Nanoha and haven’t checked out A’s The Comics, now is the perfect time to see what you didn’t get to see in the story of A’s. And if you’ve been a fan for years and read these back in 2006, maybe now is a good time to rekindle the flame with a little re-reading. ;)

Editors: Katzbalger, furwan
Translators: eonnoe, Katlzbalger, Limality
Quality: w00tzan, Osiris, furwan, Limality, Sammo

From one scanlation team to another, and as fellow Nanoha fans, we thank you for all the work you put in while this fandom was still in its infancy. Over seven years later, its still going strong thanks to fansubbers and scanlators like you that gave English speaking audiences a chance to enjoy this fantastic series.

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A Movie A La Carte Double Release!!

Is this really another double release? Yes! Yes it is.

MalC4preview MalC5preview

Movie A La Carte stories 4 and 5 are happening right now!

To Reach You ~ Surpassing the Wind

Special thanks to Tori of ZSS Scans for helping make the releases of A La Carte possible and the usual cast of ViVid Translations team members that are always the best.

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